Two Months Growing

General: DocuPots are made from paper and thus do not work the same as plastic. Water will be drawn to the pot rather than flow through or be retained.

  • 1) We recommend using less water more often.
    a. DocuPots draw water to the pot, you will get more, smaller roots and probably will get roots growing through the pot.
    b. DocuPots will dry out between watering, so less water more often is the recommended process.
  • 2) Don’t mix different types of pots in the same tray.
    a. Plastic pots are taller than DocuPots and will create a “rain shadow” to reduce the amount of water getting to the plants in the Docupots.
    b. Different pots have different watering needs. For optimal results water the DocuPots more often with less water.
  • 3) DocuPots are paper and will act like paper.
    a. DocuPots will get soggy when watered, they will however, firm up as they dry.
    b. Being paper they can get moldy. This is part of the degradation process and is natural.
    c. DocuPots can maintain in the greenhouse for two to three months and will degrade in the soil typically within three months.
    d. Watering at the stock will reduce mold on the pot.