Docupots Gets Community Spotlight from Leeds School of Business

Docupots Gets Community Spotlight from Leeds School of Business

Meet Roger Hosea, a former Rural Colorado Workshop Series attendee and founder of DocuPots! DocuPots are biodegradable planting pots made entirely out of paper.

Roger was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. He graduated from Colorado State University with a Science and Natural Resources degree in 1982. Roger spent years working various jobs in the health and environmental industries, until eventually returning to Colorado in 2001 to pursue his own paper shredding business, Northeast Colorado Total Document Management (NECTDM).

Docupots Owner Roger Hosea
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Colorado Governor Polis visits Docupots while in Sterling to sign SB21-229

Gov. Polis gives speech in Docupots’s manufacturing area.
I’m in Sterling this afternoon to sign SB21-229 which puts more funds into the Rural Jump-Start Zone Grant Program that will offer state tax relief to new businesses and their employees that locate in rural areas of Colorado that are facing economic challenges. These measures are on top of statewide sales tax relief for all restaurants and tax relief for everyone including reducing the assessment rate for the property taxes on your home, an even greater reduction in property taxes for land used for agricultural and renewable energy, reducing vehicle registration fees by $11 per vehicle, ensuring seniors don’t have to pay state tax on social security income, and eliminating the need for tens of thousands of small businesses to have to even file no less pay the business personal property tax.

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“Docupots turns trash into profit” Journal Advocate

The heart of the DocuPots process: Shredded paper goes into the round green tank at left, is mixed with water and pumped onto the blue bins in the center for pulping and water removal, and the pulp is injected into the form at right. (Jeff Rice / Journal-Advocate)

Shredded documents get new life as biodegradable seedling pots

The problem with most biodegradable plant pots is that they don’t actually biodegrade. Usually made of wood or peat fibers, most of the pots also are treated with wax to keep them whole until they’re planted in the ground; trouble is, the wax often works all too well.

Roger Hosea thinks he has the answer. View article on the Journal-Advocate….

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The Docupots Packing Machine is In!

The Packing Machine

is In!

After a long wait the seedling pot packing machine is in. This will allow wholesale and retail packing for the Docupots seedling cups.